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  • [ Name ] M8 T-nuts
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May conform to plans to produce non-standard parts

Specializing in the production fasteners, standard parts, welding nut, flange nut, locking nut, cap nut, T nut.non-standard fasteners, etc.

production scope including GB (Chinese standard) , DIN (German standards). BS (British standard), IFI (American standard), ISO (international standard), JIS (Japan standard) etc.

Production standards include: DIN934 GB521GB6170 hexagonal nut. DIN557 / GB39 nut, DIN6923 /GB6177 hex flange surface nut, DIN1587 / GB923 cap nut, DIN982 / DIN928 /GB13680 quartet welding nut, DIN929 / GB13681 hexagonal welding nut, DIN933 / GB30Outside hexagon bolt, DIN912/GB70 hexagon bolt, JIS/B1181 etc.